Snap "lxd" assumes unsupported features: snapd2.39

Not sure whether this is the right place to ask this question, but here goes:
On a new Debian Buster (10.4.0) clean install I installed snapd then tried to install lxd using the command line:

snap install lxd

This returns the error:
error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Mount snap “lxd” (15067) (snap “lxd” assumes unsupported features: snapd2.39 (try to update snapd and refresh the core snap))

The version of snapd installed with Buster is:
snap version
snap 2.37.4-1+b1
snapd 2.37.4-1+b1
series 16
debian 10
kernel 4.19.0-9-amd64

I am lost as to how to update snapd to 2.39 as implied, so any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hey :slight_smile:

Try installing the “core” snap first. You can then install lxd normally.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes, that fixed it. Perhaps the documentation needs to be updated to include this step?