Using LXD on Debian 10

Hi all,

I’d like to say thank you for everyone hard work, I’ve been enjoying snaps so far but I ran into an issue recently that I can’t figure out.

On a Debian 10 machine, I’d like to use LXD which is best supported as a snap (at least this is what I gather since it’s not in the Debian 10 apt repository). I tried to sudo snap install lxd but it came back with a strange error message:

- Mount snap "lxd" (23537) (snap "lxd" assumes unsupported features: snapd2.39 (try to update snapd and refersh the core snap))

What I think this error message is trying to say is that the minimum snap daemon version required is 2.39 but as I see in the Buster packages page the latest is version 2.37.

I’m curious if 2.39 is *really required or if maybe this is just an assumption in the build process or maybe there’s a way to “force” the installation at my own risk. Debian 10 isn’t old or out of date by any means (IMO) so I’m a bit perplexed.

Thanks for any insight!

Found my answer in a 2 year old post!

sudo snap install core

allows snapd to update itself with a newer version.