Snap firefox unable to save downloads/files

I cannot save downloads/file to /media/data. /media/data is the mount point of another drive.
I am using ubuntu 16.04.4.
Please help.


That’s a permanent and ongoing problem with snaps. Same thing with Libreoffice and other apps. Reported many times, never fixed.

Does sudo snap connect firefox:removable-media not fix the problem? There’s a GUI for this in GNOME Software in Ubuntu 18.04 (which will be backported) and you can request an autoconnection for it (and tag @osomon) in #store if you’d like to have this done automatically for users in the future!

In fact, LibreOffice is already auto-connected for this. If you’ve already installed LO you might need to manually connect it though? I don’t quite know how that works. Also please can you file topics/bugs in future to get these things fixed? :slight_smile:

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snap connect firefox:removable-media

error: snap “firefox” has no plug named “removable-media”

The removable-media plug is not declared in firefox’s snapcraft.yaml, so the connection isn’t allowed.

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I file this bug to track the issue.

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And I submitted a fix.

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