Snap explanation guides

Our explanatory and conceptual guides are written to provide a better understanding of how snap and the snap daemon (snapd) work. They enable you to expand your knowledge and become better at both building snaps and getting the most out of the snap ecosystem.

Explanation guides Why it does what it does
Inside snap confinement Learn more about snap’s various degrees of isolation
Refresh awareness How updates are handled when apps are running
Using channels Understanding channels, tracks, risk-levels and branches

This page is overly repetitive in that the links in the page simply repeat what is already in the navigation menu (and not even all of them). More to the point, the “Managing updates” link points back to an earlier part of the documentation. In cases like this, let the landing page contain just some brief intro material, and let the navigation menu take it from there.

These kinds of pages are necessary to enable us to have links in the higher levels of the foldable navigation. We can always expand or add to them as necessary (suggestions/edits welcome), and they’re also the kinds of pages we’ll need to create for both “Working with snaps” and “Managing snaps” for those to have landing pages you can link to.

Good point about Managing updates - I’ve changed this.