Snap apps not working

snap apps gnome-calculator, gnome-calendar, gnome-characters, snap store gnome-contacts and few others are not launching on ubuntu 19.04 after the click logo is being shown in the top bar which disappears after few seconds and app window is not shown I also try to uninstall and reinstall of the apps. Other snap apps like Vlc, vs-code, sublime-text are working perfectly.


Can you please open the terminal and type:

snap version

followed by:

snap run gnome-calculator

and paste the output in a response here?

avil@avil:~/Desktop$ snap version
snap    2.38+19.04
snapd   2.38+19.04
series  16
ubuntu  19.04
kernel  5.0.0-13-generic
    avil@avil:~/Desktop$ snap run gnome-calculator
    /bin/bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.UTF-8)
    You need to connect this snap to the gnome platform snap.

You can do this with those commands:
snap install gnome-3-28-1804
snap connect gnome-calculator:gnome-3-28-1804 gnome-3-28-1804

avil@avil:~/Desktop$ snap install gnome-3-28-1804
gnome-3-28-1804 3.28.0-10-gaa70833.aa70833 from Canonicalâś“ installed

 avil@avil:~/Desktop$ snap connect gnome-calculator:gnome-3-28-1804 gnome-3-28-1804
error: cancelled

Thank you for providing this information. Can I ask you to run three more commands please:

snap connections
snap changes
snap list
cat /var/lib/snapd/seed/seed.yaml

Tip: when responding to the forum you can use triple back-ticks to paste console output nicely.

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In an unrelated bug we found that the installer created broken seed.

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Sorry i Don’t understand.

avil@avil:~$ snap connections
Interface                       Plug                                       Slot                                   Notes
accounts-service                gnome-calendar:accounts-service            :accounts-service                      -
accounts-service                gnome-contacts:accounts-service            :accounts-service                      -
alsa                            strawberry:alsa                            :alsa                                  manual
avahi-observe                   opera-beta:avahi-observe                   :avahi-observe                         manual
avahi-observe                   remmina:avahi-observe                      :avahi-observe                         -
bluez                           libreoffice:bluez                          :bluez                                 manual
browser-support                 gnome-calendar:browser-support             :browser-support                       -
browser-support                 gnome-characters:browser-support           :browser-support                       -
browser-support                 gnome-contacts:browser-support             :browser-support                       -
browser-support                 opera-beta:browser-sandbox                 :browser-support                       -
calendar-service                gnome-calendar:calendar-service            :calendar-service                      -
camera                          opera-beta:camera                          :camera                                manual
contacts-service                gnome-contacts:contacts-service            :contacts-service                      -
content[gnome-3-28-1804]        gnome-calculator:gnome-3-28-1804           gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804        -
content[gtk-3-themes]           gnome-calculator:gtk-3-themes              gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes         -
content[icon-themes]            gnome-calculator:icon-themes               gtk-common-themes:icon-themes          -
content[sound-themes]           gnome-calculator:sound-themes              gtk-common-themes:sound-themes         -
content[gnome-3-28-1804]        gnome-calendar:gnome-3-28-1804             gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804        -
content[gtk-3-themes]           gnome-calendar:gtk-3-themes                gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes         -
content[icon-themes]            gnome-calendar:icon-themes                 gtk-common-themes:icon-themes          -
content[sound-themes]           gnome-calendar:sound-themes                gtk-common-themes:sound-themes         -
content[gnome-3-28-1804]        gnome-characters:gnome-3-28-1804           gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804        -
content[gtk-3-themes]           gnome-characters:gtk-3-themes              gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes         -
content[icon-themes]            gnome-characters:icon-themes               gtk-common-themes:icon-themes          -
content[sound-themes]           gnome-characters:sound-themes              gtk-common-themes:sound-themes         -
content[gnome-3-28-1804]        gnome-contacts:gnome-3-28-1804             gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804        -
content[gtk-3-themes]           gnome-contacts:gtk-3-themes                gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes         -
content[icon-themes]            gnome-contacts:icon-themes                 gtk-common-themes:icon-themes          -
content[sound-themes]           gnome-contacts:sound-themes                gtk-common-themes:sound-themes         -
content[gnome-3-28-1804]        gnome-logs:gnome-3-28-1804                 gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804        -
content[gtk-3-themes]           gnome-logs:gtk-3-themes                    gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes         -
content[icon-themes]            gnome-logs:icon-themes                     gtk-common-themes:icon-themes          -
content[sound-themes]           gnome-logs:sound-themes                    gtk-common-themes:sound-themes         -
content[gtk-3-themes]           libreoffice:gtk-3-themes                   gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes         -
content[icon-themes]            libreoffice:icon-themes                    gtk-common-themes:icon-themes          -
content[sound-themes]           libreoffice:sound-themes                   gtk-common-themes:sound-themes         -
content[chromium-ffmpeg-91124]  opera-beta:chromium-ffmpeg-91124           chromium-ffmpeg:chromium-ffmpeg-91124  -
content[gnome-3-28-1804]        remmina:gnome-3-28-1804                    gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804        -
content[gtk-3-themes]           remmina:gtk-3-themes                       gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes         -
content[icon-themes]            remmina:icon-themes                        gtk-common-themes:icon-themes          -
content[sound-themes]           remmina:sound-themes                       gtk-common-themes:sound-themes         -
content[gnome-3-28-1804]        snap-store:gnome-3-28-1804                 gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804        -
content[gtk-3-themes]           snap-store:gtk-3-themes                    gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes         -
content[icon-themes]            snap-store:icon-themes                     gtk-common-themes:icon-themes          -
content[sound-themes]           snap-store:sound-themes                    gtk-common-themes:sound-themes         -
core-support                    :core-support-plug                         :core-support                          -
cups-control                    libreoffice:cups-control                   :cups-control                          -
cups-control                    remmina:cups-control                       :cups-control                          manual
desktop                         gnome-calculator:desktop                   :desktop                               -
desktop                         gnome-calendar:desktop                     :desktop                               -
desktop                         gnome-characters:desktop                   :desktop                               -
desktop                         gnome-contacts:desktop                     :desktop                               -
desktop                         gnome-logs:desktop                         :desktop                               -
desktop                         inkscape:desktop                           :desktop                               -
desktop                         krita:desktop                              :desktop                               -
desktop                         libreoffice:desktop                        :desktop                               -
desktop                         opera-beta:desktop                         :desktop                               -
desktop                         remmina:desktop                            :desktop                               -
desktop                         snap-store:desktop                         :desktop                               -
desktop                         strawberry:desktop                         :desktop                               -
desktop                         vlc:desktop                                :desktop                               -
desktop-legacy                  gnome-calculator:desktop-legacy            :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  gnome-calendar:desktop-legacy              :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  gnome-characters:desktop-legacy            :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  gnome-contacts:desktop-legacy              :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  gnome-logs:desktop-legacy                  :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  inkscape:desktop-legacy                    :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  krita:desktop-legacy                       :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  opera-beta:desktop-legacy                  :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  remmina:desktop-legacy                     :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  snap-store:desktop-legacy                  :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  strawberry:desktop-legacy                  :desktop-legacy                        -
desktop-legacy                  vlc:desktop-legacy                         :desktop-legacy                        -
gsettings                       gnome-calculator:gsettings                 :gsettings                             -
gsettings                       gnome-calendar:gsettings                   :gsettings                             -
gsettings                       gnome-characters:gsettings                 :gsettings                             -
gsettings                       gnome-contacts:gsettings                   :gsettings                             -
gsettings                       gnome-logs:gsettings                       :gsettings                             -
gsettings                       inkscape:gsettings                         :gsettings                             -
gsettings                       libreoffice:gsettings                      :gsettings                             -
gsettings                       opera-beta:gsettings                       :gsettings                             -
gsettings                       remmina:gsettings                          :gsettings                             -
gsettings                       snap-store:gsettings                       :gsettings                             -
hardware-observe                canonical-livepatch:hardware-observe       :hardware-observe                      -
home                            dav1d:home                                 :home                                  -
home                            gnome-calendar:home                        :home                                  -
home                            gnome-characters:home                      :home                                  -
home                            gnome-contacts:home                        :home                                  -
home                            gnome-logs:home                            :home                                  -
home                            inkscape:home                              :home                                  -
home                            krita:home                                 :home                                  -
home                            libreoffice:home                           :home                                  -
home                            links:home                                 :home                                  -
home                            nano:home                                  :home                                  -
home                            opera-beta:home                            :home                                  -
home                            remmina:home                               :home                                  -
home                            strawberry:home                            :home                                  -
home                            vlc:home                                   :home                                  -
kernel-module-control           canonical-livepatch:kernel-module-control  :kernel-module-control                 -
log-observe                     gnome-logs:log-observe                     :log-observe                           -
mount-observe                   opera-beta:mount-observe                   :mount-observe                         manual
mount-observe                   remmina:mount-observe                      :mount-observe                         -
mount-observe                   strawberry:mount-observe                   :mount-observe                         manual
mount-observe                   vlc:mount-observe                          :mount-observe                         manual
network                         gnome-calculator:network                   :network                               -
network                         gnome-calendar:network                     :network                               -
network                         gnome-contacts:network                     :network                               -
network                         gnome-logs:network                         :network                               -
network                         krita:network                              :network                               -
network                         libreoffice:network                        :network                               -
network                         links:network                              :network                               -
network                         opera-beta:network                         :network                               -
network                         remmina:network                            :network                               -
network                         snap-store:network                         :network                               -
network                         strawberry:network                         :network                               -
network                         ubuntu-core-vm:network                     :network                               -
network                         vlc:network                                :network                               -
network-bind                    canonical-livepatch:network-bind           :network-bind                          -
network-bind                    krita:network-bind                         :network-bind                          -
network-bind                    libreoffice:network-bind                   :network-bind                          -
network-bind                    links:network-bind                         :network-bind                          -
network-bind                    remmina:network-bind                       :network-bind                          -
network-bind                    strawberry:network-bind                    :network-bind                          -
network-bind                    vlc:network-bind                           :network-bind                          -
network-control                 canonical-livepatch:network-control        :network-control                       -
network-manager                 canonical-livepatch:network-manager        :network-manager                       -
network-manager                 opera-beta:network-manager                 :network-manager                       manual
network-manager                 strawberry:network-manager                 :network-manager                       manual
opengl                          gnome-contacts:opengl                      :opengl                                -
opengl                          krita:opengl                               :opengl                                -
opengl                          libreoffice:opengl                         :opengl                                -
opengl                          opera-beta:opengl                          :opengl                                -
opengl                          ubuntu-core-vm:opengl                      :opengl                                -
opengl                          vlc:opengl                                 :opengl                                -
optical-drive                   strawberry:optical-drive                   :optical-drive                         -
optical-drive                   vlc:optical-drive                          :optical-drive                         -
password-manager-service        opera-beta:password-manager-service        :password-manager-service              manual
password-manager-service        remmina:password-manager-service           :password-manager-service              manual
password-manager-service        snap-store:password-manager-service        :password-manager-service              -
process-control                 opera-beta:process-control                 :process-control                       manual
pulseaudio                      gnome-calendar:pulseaudio                  :pulseaudio                            -
pulseaudio                      libreoffice:pulseaudio                     :pulseaudio                            -
pulseaudio                      opera-beta:pulseaudio                      :pulseaudio                            -
pulseaudio                      remmina:pulseaudio                         :pulseaudio                            -
pulseaudio                      strawberry:pulseaudio                      :pulseaudio                            -
pulseaudio                      ubuntu-core-vm:pulseaudio                  :pulseaudio                            -
pulseaudio                      vlc:pulseaudio                             :pulseaudio                            -
raw-usb                         strawberry:raw-usb                         :raw-usb                               manual
removable-media                 krita:removable-media                      :removable-media                       manual
removable-media                 libreoffice:removable-media                :removable-media                       -
removable-media                 vlc:removable-media                        :removable-media                       -
screen-inhibit-control          libreoffice:screen-inhibit-control         :screen-inhibit-control                -
screen-inhibit-control          opera-beta:screen-inhibit-control          :screen-inhibit-control                -
screen-inhibit-control          strawberry:screen-inhibit-control          :screen-inhibit-control                -
screen-inhibit-control          vlc:screen-inhibit-control                 :screen-inhibit-control                manual
snapd-control                   snap-store:snapd-control                   :snapd-control                         -
system-observe                  canonical-livepatch:system-observe         :system-observe                        -
system-observe                  snap-store:system-observe                  :system-observe                        -
system-trace                    strawberry:system-trace                    :system-trace                          manual
unity7                          gnome-calculator:unity7                    :unity7                                -
unity7                          gnome-calendar:unity7                      :unity7                                -
unity7                          gnome-characters:unity7                    :unity7                                -
unity7                          gnome-contacts:unity7                      :unity7                                -
unity7                          gnome-logs:unity7                          :unity7                                -
unity7                          inkscape:unity7                            :unity7                                -
unity7                          krita:unity7                               :unity7                                -
unity7                          libreoffice:unity7                         :unity7                                -
unity7                          opera-beta:unity7                          :unity7                                -
unity7                          remmina:unity7                             :unity7                                -
unity7                          snap-store:unity7                          :unity7                                -
unity7                          strawberry:unity7                          :unity7                                -
unity7                          vlc:unity7                                 :unity7                                -
upower-observe                  opera-beta:upower-observe                  :upower-observe                        -
upower-observe                  snap-store:upower-observe                  :upower-observe                        -
wayland                         gnome-calculator:wayland                   :wayland                               -
wayland                         gnome-calendar:wayland                     :wayland                               -
wayland                         gnome-characters:wayland                   :wayland                               -
wayland                         gnome-contacts:wayland                     :wayland                               -
wayland                         gnome-logs:wayland                         :wayland                               -
wayland                         libreoffice:wayland                        :wayland                               -
wayland                         remmina:wayland                            :wayland                               -
wayland                         snap-store:wayland                         :wayland                               -
wayland                         strawberry:wayland                         :wayland                               -
x11                             krita:x11                                  :x11                                   -
x11                             opera-beta:x11                             :x11                                   -
x11                             remmina:x11                                :x11                                   -
x11                             strawberry:x11                             :x11                                   -
x11                             ubuntu-core-vm:x11                         :x11                                   -
x11                             vlc:x11                                    :x11                                   -
avil@avil:~$ snap changes
ID   Status  Spawn                   Ready                   Summary
376  Done    yesterday at 20:07 IST  yesterday at 20:07 IST  Refresh all snaps: no updates
377  Done    yesterday at 20:48 IST  yesterday at 20:48 IST  Refresh all snaps: no updates
378  Done    yesterday at 22:23 IST  yesterday at 22:23 IST  Remove "snap-store" snap
379  Error   yesterday at 22:25 IST  yesterday at 22:39 IST  Install "snap-store" snap
380  Done    yesterday at 22:49 IST  yesterday at 22:49 IST  Refresh all snaps: no updates
381  Done    yesterday at 23:00 IST  yesterday at 23:00 IST  Refresh all snaps: no updates
382  Done    yesterday at 23:04 IST  yesterday at 23:04 IST  Remove "eog" snap
383  Done    yesterday at 23:37 IST  yesterday at 23:37 IST  Refresh all snaps: no updates
384  Done    today at 09:00 IST      today at 09:00 IST      Refresh snap "code-insiders"
385  Done    today at 09:02 IST      today at 09:06 IST      Install "gnome-3-28-1804" snap
386  Done    today at 09:03 IST      today at 09:03 IST      Refresh all snaps: no updates
387  Done    today at 09:09 IST      today at 09:09 IST      Connect gnome-calculator:gnome-3-28-1804 to gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804
388  Done    today at 09:15 IST      today at 09:33 IST      Install "gnome-3-28-1804-sdk" snap from "edge" channel
389  Done    today at 09:21 IST      today at 09:21 IST      Connect remmina:avahi-observe to core:avahi-observe
390  Done    today at 09:21 IST      today at 09:21 IST      Connect remmina:avahi-observe to core:avahi-observe
391  Done    today at 09:21 IST      today at 09:21 IST      Connect remmina:cups-control to core:cups-control
392  Done    today at 09:21 IST      today at 09:21 IST      Connect remmina:mount-observe to core:mount-observe
393  Done    today at 09:21 IST      today at 09:21 IST      Connect remmina:password-manager-service to core:password-manager-service
394  Done    today at 09:50 IST      today at 09:50 IST      Connect gnome-calculator:gnome-3-28-1804 to gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804
395  Done    today at 09:50 IST      today at 09:51 IST      Remove "gnome-calculator" snap
396  Done    today at 09:51 IST      today at 09:52 IST      Install "gnome-calculator" snap
397  Done    today at 11:13 IST      today at 11:13 IST      Refresh all snaps: no updates
398  Done    today at 15:30 IST      today at 15:30 IST      Refresh all snaps: no updates
399  Done    today at 18:44 IST      today at 18:44 IST      Refresh all snaps: no updates
400  Done    today at 18:45 IST      today at 18:45 IST      Refresh all snaps: no updates
 avil@avil:~$ snap list
Name                 Version                     Rev   Tracking  Publisher        Notes
canonical-livepatch  9.2.1                       74    stable    canonicalâś“       -
chromium-ffmpeg      0.1                         13    stable    canonicalâś“       -
code                 51b0b281                    6     stable    vscodeâś“          classic
code-insiders        750680d2                    130   stable    vscodeâś“          classic
core                 16-2.38                     6673  stable    canonicalâś“       core
core18               20190409                    941   stable    canonicalâś“       base
dav1d                0.2.0-1-ge29cb9a            21    beta      videolanâś“        -
eclipse              2019-03                     40    stable    snapcrafters     classic
gnome-3-28-1804      3.28.0-10-gaa70833.aa70833  36    stable    canonicalâś“       -
gnome-3-28-1804-sdk  3.28.0-49-g0bdf6e6.0bdf6e6  18    edge      ken-vandine      -
gnome-3-30-1804      3.30.0                      1     edge      ken-vandine      -
gnome-calculator     3.32.1                      406   stable    canonicalâś“       -
gnome-calendar       3.30.0                      55    stable    canonicalâś“       -
gnome-characters     v3.32.1+git1.2050bba        254   stable    canonicalâś“       -
gnome-contacts       3.30.2                      75    stable    canonicalâś“       -
gnome-logs           3.32.0-4-ge8f3f37ca8        61    stable/…  canonical✓       -
gtk-common-themes    0.1-16-g2287c87             1198  stable    canonicalâś“       -
inkscape             0.92.4                      4693  stable    inkscapeâś“        -
krita                         44    stable    kritaâś“           -
libreoffice                     112   stable    canonicalâś“       -
links                2.18                        33    edge      snapcrafters     -
nano                 3.2+pkg-24de                27    stable    snapcrafters     -
opera-beta           60.0.3255.37                27    beta      opera-softwareâś“  -
remmina              v1.3.3+git42.494903ec       2831  stable    remminaâś“         -
snap-store           20190228.55a1660            60    stable    canonicalâś“       -
strawberry           0.5.3+git                   604   stable    jonaski          -
sublime-text         3207                        58    stable    snapcrafters     classic
ubuntu-core-vm       0.1                         7     beta      gerboland        devmode
ubuntu-make          master                      498   stable    didrocks         classic
vlc                  3.0.6                       770   stable    videolanâś“        -
avil@avil:~$ cat /var/lib/snapd/seed/seed.yaml
    name: core
    channel: stable
    file: core_4917.snap
    name: gtk-common-themes
    channel: stable/ubuntu-18.04
    file: gtk-common-themes_319.snap
    name: gnome-3-26-1604
    channel: stable/ubuntu-18.04
    file: gnome-3-26-1604_70.snap
    name: gnome-calculator
    channel: stable/ubuntu-18.04
    file: gnome-calculator_180.snap
    name: gnome-characters
    channel: stable/ubuntu-18.04
    file: gnome-characters_103.snap
    name: gnome-logs
    channel: stable/ubuntu-18.04
    file: gnome-logs_37.snap
    name: gnome-system-monitor
    channel: stable/ubuntu-18.04
    file: gnome-system-monitor_51.snap
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now all the applications are working fine expect gnome-calculator after doing this

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Based on this output I see nothing wrong. Thank you for providing this information. Perhaps one of my colleagues will have an idea of what might be at play

Even i am facing issue in running app.

@scofficial could you provide more information please? This thread has some of the basic information gathering techniques listed.

I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 and tried installing Foliate via Snap and could not get Foliate to launch. Opening a terminal and trying to launch Foliate produces the following results.

/snap/foliate/41/snap/command-chain/desktop-launch: /snap/foliate/41/usr/bin/com.github.johnfactotum.Foliate: /usr/bin/gjs: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
/snap/foliate/41/snap/command-chain/desktop-launch: line 543: /snap/foliate/41/usr/bin/com.github.johnfactotum.Foliate: Success

I installed Foliate from their Github repository and am not having any issues opening Foliate now. I figure that it’s something to do with Snap and not foliate because of that. Unfortunately I feel like this didn’t help you any, but wanted to report my experience anyway. Let me know if there is something I can do to help more.

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Hi, I had problem with apps on Snap in Manjaro Linux. After a time looking, I discovered that the symbolic link wasn’t working. So I runned agai the command sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap and everything is fine :slight_smile:

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