Size of foobar on desktop

I have been a Foobar user on Windows7 for over 10 years. I am disappointed with the profusion of badly-made audio programs in the Software Manager. I downloaded and installed Foobar (which wasn’t easy nor was it intuitive. However it finally loaded.)
Below is a screenshot of the desktop interface. Please help me fix it.

You can just drag the image to the edit dialog.

it looks like the snapped app is not honouring your desktop’s HiDPI settings. I think that’s something the snap author can fix on their own, but maybe @advocacy can help them.

Out of curiosity and ignorance, what does foobar bring that clementine does not?

@Peter_Linu-1 if you had searched forum for similar issue could have found the solution, anyway check this.

@chipaca Its windows software so in wine by default screen dpi is set 96 which will look very small on HiDPI panels.