UI scaling in a Wine Snap?

Does anyone know how I can adjust the UI scaling of a single Wine snap. For example in Foobar2000: The system menu fonts are so tiny on my setup I can hardly read it.

You can run winecfg in f2k snap like this foobar2000 winecfg then change your screen resolution dpi from graphics tab on winecfg hit apply then rerun the app.


Thank you! That solved the issue :slight_smile: And btw, thanks for making the snap!

I don’t under stand this solution. If I type

foobar2000 winecfg

Foobar2000 opens trying to play a file called winecfg.

It has changed now. You have to type

foobar2000.wine winecfg

(Goes also for NotepadPlusPlus and the other Wine snaps I know of).