Rocket.Chat Desktop snap

Wasn’t sure if I should post here or your Rocket.Chat instance. But just released our Desktop app to the snap store. We would love to get feedback.

Code: using electron-builder

Install via:
sudo snap install rocketchat-desktop --candidate

Right now I have it behind the candidate flag, will be bumping it over to stable after a bit more testing.

I’ve tested so far under:
Ubuntu 16.04
Fedora 25 - Gnome

Both seemed to work.



Just installed it, trying it now! :slight_smile:

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This is really awesome! Exactly the kind of thing I need to use it more often (I’m not good at keeping loads of tabs alive)

Great work. I’m using it now. Only issue I have is the indicator seems broken in Unity. Is that a known bug you’re working on?

Hi geekgonecrazy,

I see the Indicator icons are broken. This can be resolved why hand creating a snapcraft.yaml but electron-builder doesn’t have a means to modify the command: stanza. So I’ve raised this bug with electron-builder:

@Wimpress thanks for pointing to the issue. I’ve released an updated version where i’ve manually included the environment variable.

One thing i’m unsure if we can address is it seems to be using Xorg icons and fonts instead of Ubuntu’s. Is there a known way of handling that?

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Works fine on Ubuntu Gnome :wink:

@geekgonecrazy how are you managing icons? Yours work fine in Ubuntu GNOME. But my Electron applications don’t show up in the dock.

@ryanleesipes it works in a 17.04 gnome here

Seems to be related to this field:

The icon shows up properly?

yup, in a 17.04 ubuntu gnome install in a VM that i played with on the weekend …

I started playing with gnome3/wayland and noticed that gnome3 can’t find the snap from the dash (or the icons when run from Alt+F2). I think it isn’t picking up /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/. I filed this bug to track this issue:

I was just about this with @zyga-snapd
I can confirm this.

i’m on gnome3/wayland on fedora. I had to logout and back in before it would show. I would assume something to do with /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications being a new path that gnome didn’t initially start using? Just a wild theory, you guys would know better :slight_smile:

Also worth noting 3 colleagues on unity had to logout and back in before it would show there either.

I do see this from time to time

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@sergiusens Doing anything in particular before that shows up? Odd that its an EACCES… does it appear the permissions got messed with on that file?

Mine currently shows:

$ ls -l window-state-main.json 
-rw-rw-r--. 1 aaron aaron 128 Apr 10 13:03 window-state-main.json

It is weird, this might be something @jdstrand would know more about, but the path in that access is revno 2, I checked ps and was running revno 2 but noticed I had revno 3 (maybe I hit the middle of a race).

I just rebooted, using revno 3 and no issues.

Just so we are on the same page…

(btw, you can copy to clipboard, then paste and the screenshot gets loaded automatically :smile:)

Could this be related to the data being copied to the new revision when it was installed?

That also brings up the point that some how when a new revision is installed… if a version is running I need to some how tell them they can restart for a new version. Maybe via the configure hook I can some how communicate with the running instance… :thinking: