Rocket.Chat Desktop snap


It’s certainly possible. If snaps are running when the snap is refreshed they may not be able to access files in the earlier revision. This is (though I feel like there was another bug associated with this issue).


checking my ubuntu-gnome (17.04) VM, i can see XDG_DATA_DIRS properly pointing to the right dirs, also the telegram-sergiuens app as well as rocketchat-desktop work as expected (showing a pinnable icon in the sidebar), snapcraft-forum does not. i added that info to the bug.


A fix has now landed in electron-builder master. Thanks for manually fixing the generated snapcraft.yaml in the meantime :slight_smile:


I will restate what was mentioned in the bug :slight_smile:

You need to be using wayland and not X, when using wayland, etc/X11/Xsession.d/65snappy is not imported into the environment, ergo, an imcomplete XDG_DATA_DIRS for you.

To use wayland, you need to select it in the gear icon upon the login screen.


Running into a bit of a snag… Trying to get things integrated into our CI so we have automated builds… But snapcraft not being able to handle multi-architecture seems to have gotten in the way. :frowning:

Building Snap for arch ia32
Setting target machine to 'i386’
Error: snapcraft exited with code 1
Error output:
Downloading parts list|
Building for a different target architecture requires a plugin specific implementation in the ‘desktop-glib-only’ plugin

I’m guessing interm solution is going to be to some how hack electron-builder to not try and generate i386 snaps.

But has anyone else ran into this and come up with any clever solutions?


We are working our ways through cross-building for different architectures, but we want to focus on a good armhf/arm64 experience first. For now let me suggest using if you can, and if that doesn’t work, you can sync the repo to launchpad and set the build from there.


@sergiusens i’ll have to wait until organization support is ready :grin: But yes will for sure check it out.


Needs to fix HDPi scaling for mouse pointer. Can hardly see it on my laptop.


I’m not familiar with how this snap is built, but the HiDPI mouse pointer scaling issue sounds like it might be fixed by


In order to benefit from that fix the snap needs to use gtk-common-themes as well. Like this:

    interface: content
    target: $SNAP/data-dir/themes
    default-provider: gtk-common-themes
    interface: content
    target: $SNAP/data-dir/icons
    default-provider: gtk-common-themes

Ideally it should also be updated to use core18 as well


@geekgonecrazy can you fix it? :slight_smile:


Definitely feel free to open a PR! I believe we use a packager that does the snap with a few other things. So might need to make the change upstream.

At the very least creating an issue with the details would help. :slight_smile:


@kenvandine how does one target core18? Is this something new?