Requesting `podboat` alias for newsboat.podboat

My snap ships two binaries, newsboat and podboat. It used to include a podboat alias, but as these got deprecated, I just removed it from snapcraft.yaml.

An updated snap hasn’t made it to the Store yet. The next release is scheduled for 22nd of December, but I might publish to edge much earlier. (Don’t know if it’s required to have the newest snap in the Store to get an alias).

+1. Having a podboat alias for the command makes sense.

Hello, the name rang a bell so I checked; the old auto alias was granted here: Alias request for newsboat/podboat and I just verified that the alias is still in place. So this should just work ™ as you publish a new snap containing the podboat command.

If this doesn’t work as you expect, please reply here so I can have a look.

  • Daniel

Indeed! When I installed the latest version from edge channel, podboat alias worked out of the box. Thanks!

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