Alias request for newsboat/podboat

The snapcrafters newsboat snap has a command exposed under the namespace as newsboat.podboat. We’d like to request the automatic alias of podboat for this command. The snapcraft.yaml has been altered to add the required stanza:

    command: usr/local/bin/podboat
    aliases: [podboat]

ref2: Podboat not loading with newsboat snap


blows on the mic

is this thing on?

Anyone reviewing these?

The waiting period is almost over and there are no votes on this alias request!

Since I’m a reviewer, I’ll cast a +1 to alias podboat to point to newsboat.podboat based on the review process:

  • ‘officialness’ of the publisher : snapcrafters is as official as it gets, plus Daniel (hey there) is a well-known and trusted publisher.
  • ‘reasonableness’ of the request. The commands make sense for this snap, and the *boat commands seem pretty unique, as well as non-conflicting with what other snaps might ship, and are not ‘overly broad’.


  • Daniel

+1 from me too!
Thanks Daniel!

+1 I agree :motor_boat:

+1 :+1: and thanks for working on this daniel!

OK, the original request was made a week ago, and we have the required number of votes from reviewers (thanks!). I’ve created this alias and it’s now live. Note that the revision of newsboat currently on stable does not define the podboat app, so the alias does not apply there. It will, once you publish a revision with newsboat.podboat to stable.


  • Daniel
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