Podboat not loading with newsboat snap

Hello. Newsboat 2.10.1 by snapcrafters does not add podboat by default. It’s included with the newsboat snap as expected at /snap/newsboat/current/usr/local/bin/podboat and can be executed from there and runs. But obviously not as a confined snap.

What I mean is entering “newsboat” in a terminal launches the snap, where I can browse and enqueue podcasts. Entering “podboat” I receive podboat: command not found Thus am unable to download any podcasts from within the snap’s environment.

I’m new to snaps, and am not sure what the proper solution to this would be. Would this require a separate podboat snap to be created? Or can podboat be added as a “part” or “app” or something of the newsboat snap? Is there a special command I need to use to execute podboat within the newsboat confinement? Or can I fudge this by adding podboat to /snap/usr/bin/ and creating a command-podboat.wrapper in a /snap/podboat folder?

The way a .deb install handles this for newsbeuter is just podbeuter at /usr/bin/
But what is the good and proper snappy way to confine this app when running?

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Thanks for reporting this. Yes, a podboat app stanza could be added, and we should test that then request an alias here on the forum so that the binary is accessible as podboat and not namespaced as newsboat.podboat.

I’ve turned the above into an issue on github so we don’t lose it. If you’d like to have a go at fixing it you’d be most welcome. If not, that’s fine, I’ll take a look.

Thanks popey. I made an attempt to apply the fix mentioned on github, but get “No such file or directory: ‘/usr/local/bin/podboat’” when crafting. I also tried using the wrapper technique and got something similar file not found or not marked executable or something like that. So I must be doing something wrong. I guess I’ll leave this to the professionals and in the mean time just launch podboat from the executable.