Requesting auto-connection of raw-usb for ubports-installer

The candidate-channel-version of the ubports-installer can now run in strict confinement. The UBports Installer is an electron-tool for installing Ubuntu Touch on supported Android devices. This is achieved by wrapping adb and fastboot (shipped in the package) and connecting them through the raw-usb interface.

Since the installer can not work without access to USB at all, we would really appreciate automatic connection. Without it, strict confinement is not really an option, as it undermines the idea that the user does not have to touch the terminal to install Ubuntu Touch.


@jdstrand @evan Any feedback on this?

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+1 from me. My experience with adb and Ubuntu Touch is consistent with what is described here.

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Awesome! I would really like to make snap the recommended way of using the installer on all distros, this would pave the way for that!

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+1 from me as well, seems integral to its function.

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2 votes, for 0 against. Granting the auto-connection. This is now live.


FYI, I noticed that desktop, desktop-legacy and wayland were not listed in your plugs. You may want to do this for maximum compatibility.

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Awesome, thanks a lot, guys!

Will do, thanks for the tip!

After the adb-support interface landed, we removed the raw-usb plug, but it seems now that this was premature. While adb can see the device from within the snap with raw-usb disconnected, fastboot can not. So i would like to ask you to approve auto-connection of raw-usb for us again, unless someone has an idea how to solve that.

It took us a while to notice this problem, because apparently manually applied connections persist if a snap is removed and installed again (?).

Pinging @jdstrand (if you’re still the person to talk to about this).

Just saw this now. There is nothing to be done. Use of raw-usb was not taken away from the snap declaration. Perhaps on the tested system someone manually disconnected raw-usb? With a fresh install, you should see it auto-connect.

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