Requesting auto-connection of adb-support for ubports-installer


The UBports Installer is an electron application to install Ubuntu Touch on Android devices using adb and fastboot. We were approved for raw-usb a while back, but thanks to @zyga and the new adb-support interface, there is now a much more elegant way of taking care of business. I would like to request auto-connection of adb-support for the ubports-installer. The authorization for raw-usb can be revoked, as far as my tests go.

Thank you!


+1 on the request

This is the reason this interface exists AFAIK


+1 to auto-connect and remove raw-usb.


We have one reviewers vote and one community vote. @reviewers - can one/all of you vote on this request?


+1, reading the rationale and reply from @zyga it looks entirely reasonable and desirable to auto-connect this interface, since that’s the main purpose of ubports-installer.

  • Daniel


:+1: from me as well.


I am :+1: on this request, clearly the adb-support interface is a requirement for this application.

Tagging @om26er since this might be of interest :slight_smile:


Well, Android Studio is a classic snap, so doesn’t really use any interfaces :wink:

Wonder if there will ever be an interface for a “text editor” or would it even make sense, should that happen it will make sense to move IDEs/TextEditors to strict confinement.


Yeah, we’re in the comfortable situation where we don’t have to read/write in the file system other than .cache, so strict confinement works for us.

But i’m curious @om26er, how do you set udev rules then? Because this gets easily overlooked, when they’re already set by the adb deb package also being installed on the system (happened to us as well :D). So you might want this interface after all.


Thanks for the positive reviews, everyone. A new version with raw-usb removed and adb-support added is now live on the stable channel. Is there anything else you need from me to make this official?


4 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection of adb-support. This is now live.