Request track for edgexfoundry projects


I would like to request edinburgh tracks for the upcoming EdgeX Edinburgh release for the following snaps:

  • edgexfoundry
  • edgex-device-mqtt
  • edgex-device-modbus
  • edgex-device-grove

The first snap (edgexfoundry) track can be followed with the Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence but since the other snaps are new, the justification is that these other snaps are formally supported by the EdgeX project and while they are independent snaps, they are meant to inter-operate with the main edgexfoundry snap and as such need to be able to track the upstream releases. Also note we haven’t uploaded any revisions for these snaps yet, but we will do so in the next few days as we get our CI/CD running for these other snaps to start uploading revisions.

Ping @ijohnson as he has been helping with these snaps.

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I’ve created the edgexfoundry edinburgh track with my +1 as a reviewer and per the simplified process as you observed.

Since we know you have good understanding and experience of track usage and purpose, and the other snaps seem clearly meant to follow the same cadence, I’ve also approved/ created the other 3 tracks, they are all ready for use now.


  • Daniel
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