Edinburgh track for edgex-device-thingy52


Hi, I would like to request an edinburgh track for my snap, edgex-device-thingy52. It is a device service snap, similar to edgex-device-mqtt and edgex-device-modbus, with tracks previously requested at Request track for edgexfoundry projects.

See also similar request at Edinburgh track for edgex-influx-proxy


Ping @roadmr with at least 20 characters…



I’ve created the edgexfoundry-device-thingy52 (what a name :wink:) edinburgh track with my +1 as a reviewer and per the simplified process.

  • Daniel


Hmm, did you perhaps create a track for edgexfoundry-device-thingy52 and not the snap in this request edgex-device-thingy52?


Indeed - Sorry for the snafu. I’ve fixed it :slight_smile:

  • Daniel