Request to auto-connect interface "process-control" for foobar2000

This snap is using wine and windows software under linux and WINE is a piece of software for Unix-like systems, including Linux, OSX, and the BSDs, that allows you to run native Windows applications. WINE stands for, WINE Is Not an Emulator. That’s because it isn’t. WINE isn’t a full Windows install or some kind of VM. It is a compatibility layer that essentially translates Windows binaries. This extends to graphics libraries like DirectX 9, which is converted to OpenGL. WINE allows Linux users to run many popular Windows applications and games at similar performance to if they were running on Windows itself.

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This snap is wine based so wine on strict confinement needs process-control in order to execute its processes and control them without this app does not work at all. and this is already in stable channel so its not right to release snap with not able to run without connecting necessary interface, so when new user don’t know how to make the snap work on their PC when installing it for the first time with this auto connect there would be no issue.