Request for transfer of ownership Clapper

I have the clapper snap almost ready, I need comments and feedbacks from other users. So, kindly allow me to publish it. There have been many times I have filed a name dispute, as someone came up just before to register the name for which they don’t even have the snap atleast half working… often which some were direct copies of my code, and posted, like

(I have been working on a broken feature of it, talked with the upstream, yet someone else published it, half-baked) I hope the admins keep an eye on this.

EDIT: I am here again working with the upstream to bring the snap

I have already published it, you are free to open pr if needed, you surely need a checkup, i didnt even knew you are working on them, i had already the recipe ready, maybe a coincidence, regarding snaps not working there are issue from my side but most of them are with the snap architecture, and am constantly working to get them fixed(I in a short time fixed celluloid,marker and wike), stop being so absurd and cheap, that opening post with malicious intent and hate here, i dont even care about your code anything etc. This is hateful and absurd. I wont tolerate this.

Hi, Clapper dev here. This issue was brought to me recently, so allow me to state my opinion here. The REAL problem here is that Clapper Snap package is currently completely broken and doesn’t work at all. The person who published it, knew that it does not work, but still did not hesitate to publish broken package.

i had already the recipe ready

You cannot say you had it “ready” if it did not work at all. You just published it broken, people might be already installing it, and now you just saying that “not working there are issue from my side” and you promise to make it work eventually in future.

By having package is such state on Snap store, not only this makes it look to any potential users that it is my app that is broken, but it also makes people lose trust in Snap distribution system.

I do not really care if anyone copies someone else build manifests. It is a common practice to search for examples and help when trying to make something but unsure how. The difference here is that at least @soumyaDghosh contacted upstream with seeking help to present Snap community the best possible working package when ready, while @SamAlex published something completely broken just to have it right now.

Considering such behavior and all problems for myself that will come with it, like explaining users until/if fixed, who open issues on Clapper github that my app is fine and it doesn’t work just cause you use Snap. I am in favor of of transferring ownership to a maintainer that first asks and only acts later.


please keep it civil here, this type of language is not tolerable … we do have a code of conduct in this forum, so please try to stick to it when talking to others:

When something is in edge channel it surely means that something isnt right with it hence its not in the stable channel, i surely contact the upstream after building perfectly thats pushing to stable although here i will do as per upstream wishes as thats the final verdict, i am ready to do what the upstream wants.

Sorry but that was the want for the situation, will possibly keep it civil but the other person isnt too civil either implementing nefarious claims.

whatever claims anyone makes, there is no need to answer them with insults, please keep that in mind in future posts … if needed, take a little walk and a deep breath before answering.

@ogra as the upstream dev requested, I would like to maintain the clapper snap. Thanks for your help sir. Kindly transfer the ownership sir.

Hello everyone,

First I’d like to echo ogra’s call for following the forum guidelines and respecting other members of the community.

On the other hand, I think it’s valuable that the involved parties (current maintainer, prospective upstream-approved maintainer and upstream developers themselves) have come together in this thread to discuss and raise the situation. Moving this in a way that allows the snap to have an active maintainer that’s in touch with upstream, while potentially freeing up time for a very prolific maintainer like @SamAlex, is probably in everyone’s interest, particularly for the community which benefits from having high-quality, maintained snaps as close to upstream as possible.

I know @SamAlex has taken on maintainership of several snaps, an effort which is appreciated since it helps keep an active and vibrant snapping community.

As mentioned, in this case, I wonder if the best course of action (which is on the other hand our preference as stewards of the Snap ecosystem) would be for maintenance of the Clapper snap to be transferred to @soumyaDghosh; this is highly influenced by the involvement and desire of upstream (@Rafostar).

In order not to make this decision unilaterally I’d like to solicit opinions from my fellow @policy-reviewers - do you think it’s reasonable to transfer the Clapper nap to @soumyaDghosh in accordance to upstream’s wishes?

  • Daniel

+1 from my side. Let us transfer to @soumyaDghosh.


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@roadmr @ogra I do agree over my non-civil approach, but in future if someone has a conflict of interest please discuss it politely in some other places like github with me, i would really be happy to work with anyone as i dont have any commercial or material interest in holding or maintaining these snaps, and please do refrain from making such dubious and false claims publicly in the forum. I also agree over moving with this issue as per upstream approval but this would have been much better if this was discussed politely with me in some other places first like github etc. i would really be happy to engage in making healthy discussions and decisions, but without informing you come to public places an then try to defame my character, this is not good, please refrain from this kind of behaviour

+1 from me as well, it would be appropriate to transfer the snap to @soumyaDghosh. I would encourage @soumyaDghosh to continue to engage with upstreams.

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Thanks all; since @SamAlex agreed to this, I have transferred the snap to @soumyaDghosh.

I really appreciate everyone’s willingness to discuss and reach a consensus to move this forward, ultimately this will benefit the Snap community and this is what we are after.

  • Daniel

Thanks to all the devs, admins from the snap community.

Sorry for coming back, the snap is taking more than expected time to build, is there any issue in the snapcraft builder?

In github actions, it took 15-20 minutes to build. But, it has been almost an hour.

The repo:

It appears there were some problems. You can check status of your builds and detailed logs here:

(only you as the publisher can see this).

Check the logs for clues; if you need help figuring out a specific issue could I trouble you to please create a new thread instead of appending to this one? Thanks!

  • Daniel