Request for tee and fde-setup in mediatek-genio-kernel kernel snap

hi team, in order to support full disk encryption on mediatek platform, could you help to permit them for future revision uploads? thanks.

snap link: Install mediatek-genio-kernel on Linux | Snap Store

@jianhuilee to my knowledge there is no interface called fde-setup - but looking at the snap yaml I can see it has a hook called fde-setup which plugs tee and home - so I assume you are asking for auto-connect of tee in this case?

yes, for auto-connection of tee. for fde-setup, i saw the failed reason of automated review: human review required due to ‘allow-installation’ constraint (bool) declaration-snap-v2_plugs_installation (fde-setup, tee). i thought we also need the permission of using that binary. if that’s not the case, i think only tee interface is all good. thanks.

Just to be sure, is this request the same than Request for tee and fde-setup in linux-mtk kernel snap?

hi @jslarraz

yes, the same request. as suggested by store team, i have reposted the request here without the general question. sorry for the confusion.

the purpose of it is we would like to enable full disk encryption on uc22 mediatek genio platform.

Then it makes sense to me. +1 from me for granting mediatek-genio-kernel auto-connection to teeinterface

+1 from me as well given the functionality of the snap

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of interface tee to snap mediatek-genio-kernel. I will start publisher vetting now.

I have verified the publisher.

@jianhuilee - I see the snap yaml has not been updated with this interface on the store. Let me know once you have updated the snap yaml in the store with the plug for the tee interface and I will go ahead and grant the declaration.

hi @cav i’ve uploaded a new one with tee interface: OpenID transaction in progress could you help to proceed? let me know if any problems. thanks a lot.

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Thank you - this is now live.