Request for tee and fde-setup in linux-mtk kernel snap

hi team, in order to support full disk encryption on mediatek platform, could you help to permit them for future revision uploads? thanks.

snap link: Install mediatek-genio-kernel on Linux | Snap Store

the other question is revision 11 is passed by human review, but i cannot release it to edge channel. the log only shows operation failed or Error:[object Object] on web page when i drag it to edge channel. may i know the reason? thanks.

Hi @jianhuilee

If I’m understanding it properly, you are requesting auto-connection to the tee interface for the mediatek-genio-kernel. Could you please provide a bit more context about why is it needed?

Regarding revision 11, I can see this revision failing automatic review because it is not allowed to plug the tee interface, so it might be the reason it cannot be promoted