Request for Review


Since my last topic, Flutter Snapcraft.yaml needs some attention and there are no good docs for the Flutter application and my new revision snap ( takes so long to review,

I need some help to figure out why do I need to define a D-Bus system for my Flutter application to solve this topic problem?

If it is mandatory for my application to have a D-Bus system can you approve my request for manual review?


Hey @aliyazdi75,

Apologize for the late response. I have (hopefully) answered your question related to general processes and docs in the linked topic.

If you see the The dbus interface, it is stated that:

a snap declaration is needed for your snap to be delivered via the snap store and claim this well-known DBus name (simply upload the snap to the store and request a manual review and a reviewer will take a look).

On Jan 26th I granted the use of the well-known DBus name, io.github.aliyazdi75 to the aliyazdi75 snap Could you please either upload a new revision or request a manual review to refresh the queue? Since the declaration has been granted, the revision should now be accepted and published. Again, apologize for the delay but this should be unblocked soon.