Request for "insider" track for Slack

Hey all! Could we please add an insider track for the Slack snap? This track would be used by both our internal team for testing the snap store, and also for any users interested in testing newer developments ahead of a stable release.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:


We’ll need a discussion/voting period of 7 days per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks.

+1 from me as a reviewer, since other snaps use the insider track for a similar purpose.

I have to ask/suggest, though - would using the edge risk serve a similar purpose? “any users interested in testing newer developments ahead of a stable release.” sounds literally like what edge is for, and “internal team for testing” would also be served by an edge release.

You gain nothing by using tracks, since tracks are discoverable (so anyone can find out your insider track as easily as the edge channel).

Tracks also have drawbacks such as no automatic fallback to a more-stable risk in case you decide to later abandon insider - anyone using it will be stuck in a prerelease / testing client and would need explicit manual action to move to an updated channel. With edge, you can simply close it and people will start getting updates from the next risk channel that has something published.

  • Daniel

Could other @reviewers vote on this track request please? :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

+1 on an insider track, this pattern is already established by snaps like skype. As an anecdote, note that some other snaps have chosen to publish completely separate snaps for such things (e.g. code-insiders).

+1 from me on an insider track for Slack, too.

+1 from me too for the reasons outlined.

Thanks for your patience. The insider track has been created and is now available.

  • Daniel
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