Request for auto-connections for Brave


I’d like to request auto-connection of

  • audio-record
  • bluez
  • joystick
  • system-packages-doc
  • unity7

for Brave. These were already granted to Chromium and other browsers.


PS. As suggested here, we switched from cups-control to cups, following the official documentation and now snap reports a warning saying

snap “brave” has bad plugs or slots: content (content plug must contain target path)

What should we do about that?

Change this line to any arbitary word. But, don’t keep $SNAP_DATA/foo. I think, it’ll be fixed.

@soumyaDghosh the code is copy/pasted from the official docs and was also copy/pasted in the chromium snap. Should the docs be updated? How come there’s no warning about the chromium snap?

Chromium does indeed have the same auto-connects already granted so I am +1 in favour of granting audio-record, bluez, joystick, system-packages-doc and unity7 to Brave. Users understand that browsers are extremely versatile and would expect these interfaces to be connected.

Just thought I’d interject that the unity7 interface autoconnects with the base policy and doesn’t need a store override in this case.

+1 from me as well for auto-connection of audio-record, bluez, joystick, system-packages-doc


Looks like we have sufficient votes, thanks!

I also opened a separate topic for the cups plug warning.

It’s been almost 2 weeks with sufficient votes in favor and I’m not seeing the autoconnections when I install the browser fresh. Does something still need to happen, or will these only kick in after a new release?

Usually there’d be a statement added here letting you know when the change is live, so I assume it’s not currently.

For the second part though, the change goes through to the existing revision but only new installations will pick up on it. If you wanted to get all existing users to have the change in permissions, you’d need to push a new revision to get them to download the new store assertions; then the auto-connect will kick in for existing users.

@wknapik apologize for the delay,

As you mentioned the voting period is completed and there are enough positives votes so I have just granted the requested auto-connections for brave. This is now live.