Request for alias for keylight-control

I have created a snap for a script to control Elgato Keylight. The snap is

There appears to be no snap for Elgato Keylight. There is an appimage GUI app, (which is not working for me). A command line tool is quite ok, however the name-spaced command is a bit intimidating. Hence I request permission to install it as keylight-control

This is my first snap.

In cases like this when we see a snap with a single command requesting an alias for that command, the easiest solution is just to re-publish the snap with that name, then the namespacing issue disappears. If you publish the snap with the name keylight-control, then your command will be accessible as that directly.

My first attempts at registering a name met with a standard response that I may have overreacted to. I though my use of the brandname keylight may have caused a problem, hence the long and clumsy snap name I have. But now when I register keylight-control, it has just succeeded immediately, so that’s all good. Thanks.

You probably got unlucky with timing last week’s temporary suspension of automatic snap registration that has been lifted now.

thanks, it is all good and the packaging part of the process was easy, even for someone who has not packaged anything before in any format.