Request core18-3.4 track for ffmpeg-sdk-gplv3 stage snap


Dear @reviewers, I would like to request a core18-3.4 track for the ffmpeg-sdk-gplv3 stage snap as one of my consuming snaps isn’t compatible the latest release of FFmpeg (4.1) and requires specifically 3.4.x version.

Thanks in advance!

Track request(16) for the zenity-integration snap

On second thought maybe I should use the ffmpeg-sdk namespace and request the core18-3.4-gplv3 track instead?


I’m -1 to granting tracks for a snap whose sole purpose is to be used as a library (per The FFmpeg SDK stage snaps). Tracks are meant to “give a group of users the ability to stay on a robust, proven version of their software, even when a newer stable version has been released. Using a track can be useful if the newer stable version has some backward-incompatibilities”. Also, if I understand this correctly, it’s the same software with only licensing differences which I don’t think fits the intended use of tracks.

  • Daniel


Well it depends on the perspective of what the users are, for library stage snaps the users are the consumer snaps, which also requires to stay on the compatible release of the depending libraries.

The licensing part can be excluded from the track, in this case base_name-release_name might be a good candidate.

Track request(16) for the zenity-integration snap

Thanks for explaining.

Can you please reiterate the snap and track you are asking for? because at this point, it’s unclear what the request is for.

With that, we can start the timer on the voting period and gather reviewer/architect votes per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks.



I’ve updated the request, please review.


Thanks! Now it’s clear: "core18-3.4 track for the ffmpeg-sdk-gplv3 [snap]".

I think we can take the date of original request as the starting time, that’ll get us faster resolution. We’ll check back on Friday to see if we have enough votes to make a decision (remember: need +2/-2 majority OR an overriding vote by an architect). If by Friday there aren’t enough votes, I’ll request an extension to the voting period.


  • Daniel


@reviewers, could we get some votes/opinions on this track?

The voting period ended without enough votes; extending until April 22nd (7 more days).

  • Daniel


Pinging @reviewers again for votes on this track request, and extending the voting period further to April 30th.

  • Daniel


+1 on core18-3.4 track.