Request classic confinement for bash

Dear @reviewers, I would like to request classic confinement for the bash snap (upstream preferred name request in progress snap name: bash-brlin ; current snapcraft recipe).


  • It’s a shell, it should be able to access arbitrary locations(where classic permission allows) and run arbitrary commands.

Thanks in advance!

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The requirements are understood and the publisher has previously been vetted, but before I process this I’d like to see comments from @pedronis and/or @niemeyer from Classic confinement for Termius

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@pedronis - can you comment? There might be an issue with name resolution as well (cc @store). ISTR both something about not allowing shells in the store and allowing shells with common names like ‘bash’.

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Yep, the store did rejected the bash name request:

Your "bash" registration has been revoked.

The reviewer provided the following feedback:

Hi Lin Buo-ren,

As bash is part of the core of every Linux distribution, it's not suitable as a snap. Having competing copies of bash on your system would be confusing. You wouldn't be able to remove the system one to remedy this nor put the snap copy of bash in /bin/bash, where many scripts expect it to live.

That reason is silly. If snap is to be the “future” of linux packaging, allow the users to ascertain how to best utilise it for shells.

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