Request: Allow Auto-Connection for husarion-rplidar (shm and raw-usb)


Recently, the rosbot-xl snap was granted auto-connection for raw-usb and shared-memory interfaces (see snapcraft forum thread). Today, I am requesting the same permissions for another snap: husarion-rplidar. This snap operates the ROS driver for a camera connected via USB, necessitating the raw-usb interface.

I have two requests:

  1. A “human review” for shm-slot.

    That’s 1:1 the same “shm design pattern” as previously granted for rosbot-xl snap:

        interface: shared-memory
        write: ['*'] # paths are relative to /dev/shm
        interface: shared-memory
        shared-memory: shm-slot
        private: false
        command: usr/bin/
        command-chain: [usr/bin/]
        daemon: simple
        install-mode: enable
        plugs: [network, network-bind, shm-plug, raw-usb]
        slots: [shm-slot]
        extensions: [ros2-humble-ros-base]
  2. Auto-connection for both shm and raw-usb interfaces:

    sudo snap connect husarion-rplidar:raw-usb
    sudo snap connect husarion-rplidar:shm-plug husarion-rplidar:shm-slot 

Thank you!

Dominik from Husarion

It looks reasonable to me. +1 for auto-connect raw-usb and shared-memory interfaces.

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given the reasoning above and similarity to the topic linked, +1 from me as well for auto-connect raw-usb and shared-memory interfaces.

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+2 votes for, 0 votes against. Publisher is vetted. This is live now.

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