Report bugs and crashes?

Hi all,

How and where do you report bug and crashes of a snap application? Particularly Gimp.


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Try the call for testing thread in this forum for GIMP. You can also try opening a GitHub Issue against GIMP (and then mentioning the issue in the call for testing thread).

Let me know if you need links for other apps, your feedback is very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ads20000. I just replied on that thread, right after your suggestion :smiley:

Where do we report bugs on specific apps?

Depends on the app. Running snap info foo (replacing foo with the snap name) may give you contact details, in which case click on that and post there. Otherwise, look at the author, if it looks like the snap author is the app author, then report the bug on their project page (e.g. if they use GitHub then report on GitHub Issues), if it looks like the snap author is not the app author, then report a bug here under the ‘snap’ category and tag the snap author if possible (e.g. if reporting a bug against Corebird tag diddledan).

If in doubt, and sometimes also when not in doubt, post on the project bugtracker and post here in the ‘snap’ category as well.

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Wow, well that is something the team needs to work on. Should be a centralised place to file a snap bug. OK I’ll uninstall the app. It’s one I use casually so not interested in going through any hoops.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

I’m not sure about this. If you want to file a bug against a Deb you use ubuntu-bug foo but if that Deb was installed from a PPA or installed manually then that’s not really appropriate - and usually, eventually, that bug has to be forwarded upstream anyway. There’s no central place (per se) to file bugs against Flatpak or AppImage either.

The closest thing you can get to a centralised place to file a snap bug is here (click ‘New Topic’), I’m happy to work out where to forward the bug for you if appropriate, all you need to do is post there :slight_smile:

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