Released: snapd 2.23.6

Hello everyone,

the snappy team is happy to announce another release of the 2.23.6 series.
This release focuses on improving the robustness of the configuration hook

The new release is available in the core snap (and also in ubuntu-core) in the beta channel. Once the initial testing is done it will move into the candidate channel.

It is also available in the 14.04, 16.04, 16.10 and 17.04 proposed pockets. More distributions will follow at their own pace.

To install this new release just run the following command:

$ sudo snap refresh --beta core

On the classic distribution you can also enable -proposed (see and install snapd from there.

The changes in detail:

  • tests: fix interfaces-cups-control for zesty
  • configstate,hookstate: timeout the configure hook after 5 mins, report failures
  • packaging: rename the file shipping snap-confine AA profile to workaround dpkg bug #858004
  • many: ignore configure hook failures on core refresh to ensure upgrades are always possible
  • snapstate: restart as needed if we undid unlinking aka relinked core or kernel snap
  • support for snap core set pi-config.framebuffer_{width,height} (and a bunch more, see System options for all options) config.txt setting

The source is available at

Enjoy and let us know if you notice any issues.

Michael (on behalf of the snappy team)

Test results and more discussion at: Released: snapd 2.23.6


Question about downstream distributions. Can we try to release this into Debian 9?

Milestone in GitHub with all PRs linked:

Also, can we get this tested on other distributions are part of the QA sign-off? I believe Simon can help with this.

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I will work with Neal to get this into Fedora and preparing an update for openSUSE/Yocto.


Will you also be working on the Debian release?

I will check with Michael/Steve if they can give this a quick pass and send updated packages out for it.

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i386 from beta (revno 1578) is good, spread test execution and upgrade from latest stable image are ok.

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@fgimenez Can you also try an update from snapd 2.10?

@JamieBennett let me check if i can get the core snap (maybe ubuntu-core by that time?) that we had on 2.10 and create an image with it.

@fgimenez A test of a classic 16.04.2 VM and the refresh there would be nice to validate.

Can we add a sticky post or anything else that stays up top, that can be edited, that allows us to keep a checklist and status and any links to test results?

@JamieBennett mmm I’m not able to install snapd 2.0.10 on a classic 16.04.2, it seems that the versions of linux-image-generic and linux-image-virtual installed conflict with versions of snapd lower than 2.23.1~

@fgimenez Ah, so 16.04.2 comes with 2.22 it seems. Maybe 2.10 is only on 16.04?

If you start with a real 16.04.{0,1,2} image you can test any upgrade scenario. I did that in VMware earlier. It is good to keep a hold of the old CD releases.

@JamieBennett if i try to install snapd from the archive on 16.04.2 it removes the conflicting packages let me try to install 2.0.10 after that

2.0.10 is what shipped in 16.04.1

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@mvo @JamieBennett I’ve changed the first post on this thread to be a wiki, so anyone can edit the release message while in development. Note that history is fully tracked and visible, clicking on the top-right pencil icon.

@zyga-snapd @fgimenez I suggest editing the top message and including the test results on it. You can do that now, given the above note. I take that back. That’s pretty boring for most people. I suggest including a more general note that points back to this topic. Something along those lines:

Test results and more discussion at:

ok, finally 2.0.10 is installed, after trying to install the first snap it gave an error but retrying worked, now it has ubuntu-core revno 1797 and doesn’t seem to be transitioning to core, should i install it explicitly?

@niemeyer great thanks, adding the pi2 results now