Please re-assign core apps

There are some crusty old apps in the store which were uploaded by an ex-employee and either need updating or deprecating. We can’t do that until the apps are moved over to another account we have access to. I have asked permission via email from the original uploader, and they said yes. I can provide this email to the store team as required.

The account to move from is ubuntucoredev, and moving to snapcrafters. I have found ubuntu-calculator-app, ubuntu-clock-app and ubuntu-docviewer-app, but there may be more. Unfortunately the dashboard I use to search is returning a 504, which I have reported to the store team. So this may not be a fully exhaustive list.

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Sorry about the search issue - filed at

I’ve pulled an internal list:

  • ubuntu-clock-app
  • ubuntu-calculator-app
  • ubuntu-docviewer-app
  • ubuntu-weather-app
  • music-app

@popey If you could forward that email to snap-store-admins please, just so we’ve got a record, I’ll get those moved across for you

Done <some__padding>

@popey They should all be moved over now - let me know if there are any issues!


Looks like we missed webbrowser-app - see Webbrowser-app fails to install on Ubuntu 20.04 GNOME

Please can you re-assign webbrowser-app to snapcrafters too?

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@popey Done: