Webbrowser-app fails to install on Ubuntu 20.04 GNOME

Launch Ubuntu Software, search for webbrowser-app, find snap version 20170328~staging, try to install it, get failure error message. Several issues:

  • The error message says “Unable to install webbrowser-app: cannot perform the following tasks:” and then nothing else. Is this a bug / omission in Ubuntu Software application ?

  • This app is listed as “channel latest/edge”. Where to report this installation failure ? That is not an Ubuntu repo name. File a snapcraft bug report somewhere ? Where ?

  • There are “reviews” over a year old saying “install fails on Ubuntu 18.04”. How long has this package in “edge / staging” been broken ? Does anyone pay attention to those reviews in Ubuntu Software ?

Sorry you had this experience. I have previously unlisted a bunch of these - shall we call them ‘legacy’ - apps. But I missed this one. We have now unlisted it, because it’s no longer being developed / supported as a snap.

Thanks for letting us know.

Any idea why it gave an empty error message ? Maybe that is some error in Ubuntu Software application ?