Pixelorama publisher transition

Hi guys
I request to give the pixelorama name “ownership” to OverloadedOrama (Emmanouil Papadeas), the upstream project official maintainer.

he already confirmed his interest in trying maintaining a building repository.
thank you.

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Can you please add Emmanouil as a collaborator to the snap, and have them accept the invite that will be sent by email? This allows me to verify authorization and intent.

Once done, please let me know and I’ll gladly perform the transfer.

- Daniel

Ok @roadmr he accepted my collaboration invite . (10 January 2021 13:41 UTC)

This is complete. Enjoy!

  • Daniel

thank you very much Daniel. I hope to see soon the “Verified Account” badge on the pixelorama snap in the store :grinning:

Keep an eye on this thread for status and news on verified developer status :wink:

  • Daniel