Outdated Zoom Client

The Zoom client on the stable branch is outdated and hasn’t been updated in few months:

  latest/stable:  2022-04-30 (170) 262MB -

What’s stop the snap from getting updated?

me …

with all newer versions zoom provides you can not open any tel:// or zoomus:// links anymore (beyond this the app works fine)

sadly my spare time is currently extremely limited, but you can meanwhile use the snap from the edge channel if you need something newer and can live with the inability to open zoom links where always the latest version is auto-built around release day …


Issues with the current stable version of zoom-client ( now include:

  • not being able to connect to some zoom room (resorting to a web browser instead of the client)
  • not being able to login to (some?) licensed accounts (requiring

While the issue with links is waiting to be properly fixed in versions newer than, is there any trick to extract a zoom room password from the hashed “?pwd=” of a link? Or can the zoom-client be fed with a https://xxxx.zoom.us/j/yyyy?pwd=zzzz link in any other way that works (e.g. bypassing a web browser)?

Thanks in advance for the tips and tricks!

with the permissions granted in

the full zoom functionality is finally restored. the latest revision (192) has been released to all channels and should finally be able to open zoomus:// links