Please allow the shipping of a suid binary for chrome sandbox and browser-support sandboxing for zoom-client

with recent releases zoom started refusing to open zoomus:// links if the Zoom binary has been started with the --no-sandbox option.

The only way around this limitation is to keep the suid root bit alive for the zoom/cef/chrome-sandbox binary and to connect browser-support with the allow-sandbox option set.

please allow the use of the suid bit in review-tools and the use of the sandboxed browser-support interface.

To not have zoom silently fail launching from zoomus:// links until the user connected the browser-sandbox interface, please also allow auto-connect of this interface.

A revision with these changes sits in the edge channel for review.


+1 from me for the use of browser-support with allow-sandbox: true for zoom-client as this is required for a standard operation of the snap.

I have created a MP for review-tools to add the setuid root overrided for the chrome-sandbox binary too.


Ping other @reviewers - can you please vote on this request? It is continuing to block uploads of zoom-client. Thanks.


+1 from me as well for use of browser-support with allow-sandbox:true for the zoom-client and have the recent zoom releases properly operating with zoomus:// links. +2 votes for, 0 votes against, this is now live.