Oct 2020: Firefox 81 doesn't work with UIM for Asian language input

$ snap list | grep firefox
firefox            81.0.1-1                    432   latest/stable    mozilla*      -
$ snap version
snap    2.46.1
snapd   2.46.1
series  16
debian  -
kernel  5.7.0-2-amd64
$ cat /etc/debian_version

To clarify, Snap Firefox broke UIM a while ago but I couldn’t make time to report it here until today.

Are there any AppArmor command I should run to fix this problem?

Could anyone shed some lights on this?

I’m also using VS Code as a Snap but had no problems with it.

This was initially reported here: UIM input method support on snap, so I suggest using that other thread to keep conversations around UIM support in one thread.