UIM input method support on snap

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Hi, I’m a Korean ubuntu user using UIM as my default input method, because ibus and fcitx have some bugs when typing Korean hangul. However as far as I know, currently it’s impossible to use UIM with snap… I think it would be really convenient if it was supported. Are there any plans on supporting more input methods?

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Related bug report against the chromium snap: bug #1878621.

It would be straightforward enough to add this to the desktop-legacy interface as it currently supports ibus, fcitx and mozc.

The most expedient way for updating snapd would be for someone to create a snap that uses UIM, install it in devmode and post policy violations from journalctl here and I could make the necessary changes to snapd in my next batch of policy updates.

For this to work well across the ecosystem, I strongly suspect that snaps themselves are going to need to be rebuilt to stage any supporting libraries for UIM (perhaps content snaps could help here?). desktop-launch may also need to be updated (it may still need updates for fcitx now that I think of it) to help set things up for the snap to use UIM.

@kenvandine - can you comment?

Continued from Oct 2020: Firefox 81 doesn't work with UIM for Asian language input

VS Code snap is working fine with UIM on my Debian machine however Firefox isn’t. What’s the difference between the two? Is it straightforward to “port” whatever mechanism from VS Code over to Firefox?