No camera access in discord

As of a few hours ago, discord now has videochat and screenshare features.

The snap currently has no access to camera.

It looks like you are partially correct. The snap does have camera access but currently that interface is not automatically connected. To connect the interface you will need to:

sudo snap connect discord:camera

@lucyllewy That command worked, thanks.

My only concern is, how is the user supposed to know to run this?

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We can apply to the store team to have an exception for this application to have it auto-connect the camera. We will do that.

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Thanks @popey, that will be great.

what would be really awesome is if somehow we could implement something like Android’s “Just in Time Permissions” system where, for desktop users, are prompted by a popup if a snap tries to access something that it has a declared plug for which hasn’t been attached yet

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Yeah, that will definitely come.

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