[MX] Adobe reader installation fails


I’ve been trying to install adobe acrobat reader DC using snap store.
The installation goes well and the Adobe app appears on the panel (I’m using xfce4 with mx linux) as it should, so everything until here is fine.
The problem is when executing the app : a wine installation dialog asking for the language for installer download pops-up.
After selecting the language, the download goes well but nothing happens after this, the installation doesn’t go further.

It looks like I have the same problem than this person : Acrobat reader dc does not working after installed

i think @mmtrt is the maintainer of this snap, perhaps he can help …



Remove snap data ~/snap/acrordrdc then run snap from terminal and post log.

snap run acrordrdc

Also try snap from edge branch see if it fixes your issue make sure clear snap data before launching snap.


Installing the edge branch worked for me.
sudo snap install acrordrdc --edge