Move snapcraft-forum to snapcrafters

Hi there, snapcraft-forum, originally made by @ryanleesipes could use some updates and improvements.

Instead of registering a new name I reached out to @ryanleesipes and asked him if he was willing to move it to snapcrafters,

he replied yes,

and this is the snap info:

snap info snapcraft-forum
name:      snapcraft-forum
summary:   "Snapcraft Forum"
publisher: ryanleesipes
description: |
  Snapcraft forum desktop app
snap-id:     0eY5qUcIYsd3Qn2BsfwqFW7F48ggyGZd
  stable:    –              
  candidate: –              
  beta:      –              
  edge:      1.1.2 (4) 80MB -
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This is awesome, i have a few pending fixes for it once it moved to snapcraftes (proper xdg-open integration, a tray icon, keyboard navigation etc)

What does it do? Are there screenshots?

It’s an electron app for (for all of us that prefer websites to not have access to your browser data and dont like to seach for the forum in a gazillion of browser tabs :wink: )

Edit: damn … the german in me didn’t catch the english humor …

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Any updates for this one? It seems that the snap hasn’t transferred yet…