Week 37 of 2017 in snapcraft

Welcome to the weekly development notes for snapcraft! This covers work from Sunday 10 until Saturday 16 September of 2017.

Highlights of the week

General nice things worth mentioning that have been accomplished during the week:

  • Began work on ament plugin
  • Support for non-local remotes in persistent containers was added
  • Tested the 2.34 release.
  • Proposed the first batch of snapd integration tests that will run in travis instead of autopkgtest.
  • snapcraft 2.34 has made it to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 17.04


Spottings on the internet or events related to snapcraft or snaps:

  • A new snap by JP Morgan Chase’s for quorum is probably going to make its way in soon
    PR: #183
  • Tokyo Opensource Robotics series on ROS, snaps, and Ubuntu Core:

Bugs squashed

Developments in master

Work that landed in master the past week

  • demos: remove the py?-project demos
  • recording: record the machine information collected by uname
  • meta: ensure main keys are ordered in snap.yaml
  • tests: add integration tests for build snaps
  • plugins: extract sitecustomize logic from python
  • tests: fix the TEST_STORE environment variable
  • plugins: extract python finder functions
  • lxd: mount project folder via sshfs in case of a remote PR: #1302
  • node plugin: record the yarn.lock file
  • python node: record installed node packages in manifest
  • typo: replace occured with occurred
  • catkin plugin: don’t assume catkin is in underlay
  • project_loader: aliases are deprecated
  • pluginhandler: error out on scriptlet errors
  • catkin plugin: only append PYTHONPATH if set
  • lxd: Only pass target arch if specified explicitly

Pull Requests Created

List of pull requests proposed last week that have not yet made it to master

  • lxd: instructions for /etc/sub{u,g}id after failed start PR: #1553
  • tests: replace the first batch of demo tests with snapd integration tests PR: #1552
  • dirs: set plugin, schema, and library dir for snap PR: #1551
  • plugins: extract pip from python plugin PR: #1549
  • cli: update parts cache in the container PR: #1546

Forum discussions

Summary of forum discussions from last week

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