Mixxx auto-connections

Hi! I am snapping mixxx (dj software). I’ve been testing it for some time and it seems to be working well. As you can see from the .yaml https://github.com/jssotomdz/mixxx-snap/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml I am just staging the official ppa version of mixxx. I am requiring auto-connect for both removable-media and alsa.

  • alsa: the software requires access to DJ controllers (soundcards) to output the audio signal through them.
  • removable-media: most of the DJs store their music in external drives/USB drives. Having that plug connected automatically would help direct access to music libraries.


Hi, @jssotomdz

Both interfaces look reasonable to me considering the functionality provided by mixxx. Thus +1 for granting mixxx auto-connect to alsa and removable-media interfaces

+1 from as well for auto-connecting alsa and removable-media to mixxx as this fits the functionality of the snap.

Hi @jssotomdz,

Did you see the note on the alsa-interface documentation?:

t’s recommended that most snaps access audio functionality through the system audio layer, such as PulseAudio, via the audio-playback and audio-record interfaces.

I have not checked if this helps with the DJ controllers though, but please note that not all hardware can handle multiplexing when being accessed directly through alsa (which is solved with the use of the audio-* ifaces), so granting the auto-connect of alsa might allow the snap to (inadvertently) block audio.

+1 from me for auto-connect of removable-media since as described most DJs store their music in external media drives.

@jssotomdz - ping, were you able to check if alsa affected the snap at all? Once confirmed, we can move forward with granting as required votes have been received

@cav Hi, yes the alsa plug is a must. DJ controllers can have many outputs (master, headphones, booth, etc) and many inputs (microphone, aux, line in, etc) and afaik pulse is an abstraction for audio routing to the default input/output, hence full alsa control is the only way for mixxx to know how to route signals through the USB device. I can only have the controller detected correctly when the alsa plug is connected.


Does @jssotomdz answer address your concerns about using alsa interface? If there is no objection I think we have the votes to grant auto-connection for both interfaces


Indeed, and I also read its recommended in the official mixxx sound hardware configuration

For removable-media, since as far as I can see @jssotomdz your not part of the upstream project, we will need to do publisher vetting as our process specifies.

@jssotomdz have you considered working with upstream to have the snap part of their official packaging mechanisms?

In the meantime, since we have enough votes (+3 votes for, 0 votes against), I am granting the auto-connect of alsa to mixxx-community. This is now live.

sorry for the delay, publisher is vetted. The auto-connect of removable-media is now live