Manual review for udisks2


I need a manual review for udisks2.

It needs two things:

  • Connect to polkit (polkit interface), so user can query it.
  • Provide its own udev file in udisks2 interface, since it gets updated and we should really expect the default udev file in the interface to work.

Thank you.

Hi @valentind,

Looking at udisks2, I believe it is published in a brand store so you should be able to work with with the store team to enable these. Apologies if I am mistaken.

If it is is, it was not the intention. udisks2 is needed for fwupd snap to run on Ubuntu Core.

Maybe @verterok can help with this?

I have double checked and I can indeed see that udisks2 it is not published in the Global Store. Also returns 404.

@valentind, @verterok, did this ever get resolved? If yes, I’ll mark as resolved and remove from our queues.

No, it is not resolved.

It has to be moved to the global store. But not sure who can do that.

udisks2 had been explicitly removed from the global store beacuse it had no maintainer but was using the Canonical brand name and nobody in Canonical wanted to commit on maintaining it … @valentind does your team plan to fully take over maintenance when moving it back to the global store ? (alternatively you could just stage udisks2 in your fwupd snapcraft.yaml FWIW)

Not “fully”. We are planning to release in track 22, and later 24. And those we will be maintained by the Ubuntu Core team. We do not want to use “latest” track. And what is there, we do not want to maintain it. Can we just close this track?

No because:

  • This is for fwupd upstream snap. And it works on other distros than Ubuntu Core. It would not make any sense for upstream to take it in.
  • I think Ubuntu Core Desktop wanted an udisks2 snap too.
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I think @awe did some research back when it was moved away from the global store, if there are still active users I’m not sure we can just close it

Since this is not published in the Global Store, we are removing this request from our review queue. Thanks.

I think we do not need to close it, we can just create new tracks and mark 22 track as default as we are doing with other snaps. @awe what is your opinion on this?

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Will double check this, but AFAIK if latest will not be maintained it can be closed, clients will get no updates. but that is the current state, so no change in that regard.

Just to confirm what is being requested:

  1. publish udisks2 in the global store
  2. create tracks 22 and 24
  3. make 22 the default track


@verterok exactly, thank you!


Tracks were created, 22 is the default and available in the global store.

Apologize it took so long to get this sorted out.