Manual review for core22-desktop base snap

I’d like to request the use of type: base for the core22-desktop base snap on the store, which is currently held up by manual review.

Some information about the snap:

  1. The snap name is registered by the canonical account.
  2. The snap source is managed at, which is a fork of snapcore/core-base. It extends core22 with packages to enable a graphical login.
  3. The snap is not intended for wide use by many snaps: it is intended to be used as the boot base snap for an Ubuntu Core variant, together with a couple of related snaps where it is important that they be in sync with the root file system.



Thanks - this will require a change in review-tools ( which then needs to be deployed on the snap store side. For now I have manually approved the existing revision.

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Hmm actually on further inspection I notice that compared to the core22 base snap, core22-desktop has a couple more sensitive binaries - in particular /usr/bin/fusermount3 and /usr/bin/pkexec - which are both setuid root. Can you confirm that these are intentionally part of core22-desktop and are required? Thanks.

  • fusermount3 is needed to allow xdg-document-portal to mount its $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/doc filesystem.
  • we could probably delete pkexec without too much problem.
  • not mentioned, but the snap also adds setuid /usr/libexec/polkit-agent-helper-1, which is needed to allow gnome-shell to act as a polkit agent.

Ok, I will add overrides to review-tools for fusermount3 and /usr/libexec/polkit-agent-helper-1 for now but will not add pkexec at this time. If this is deemed necessary in the future we can always add it.

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The required changes are now made to review-tools and a new release has been tagged, we are just waiting on this to be deployed to the store (ping @roadmr -

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