Making requests for snaps one does not maintain

I had something interesting happen today that I wanted to discuss. The guidelines for requesting/reviewing aliases, auto-connections, and tracks seem to be written with the assumption that the requester is a maintainer of the snap in question (e.g. containing requirements like “requester may not vote on his/her own snap”), however, it does not actually state that as a requirement.

I would like clarification for when a request comes in from a user who is not affiliated with the snap in question. Right now there’s no requirement that the requester is affiliated with the snap, nor is there a requirement to ensure snap maintainers are consulted before voting/granting the request. It seems wholly possible for an alias or auto-connection to be requested and approved without the snap maintainers even knowing!

Personally I’d like to see the guidelines amended to require that the requester is a maintainer of the snap. If a third party would like something to change, they can go through normal support channels for the project and ask the maintainer to request it.

(cc @reviewers)


This makes a lot of sense to me. Happy to update the process doc once we get more feedback.

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