Lucas Chess game (Python 2.7)

Please add Lucas Chess game into Snap Store.
Official site:

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@MaximPe Why don’t you add it yourself?

Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted! is the correct thread for this. @niemeyer could you merge this into that (and delete this post of mine)? :slight_smile:

Also you may want to follow this tutorial and attempt the task yourself by forking this repository.

Thank you for replies! :smiley:

I wanted to check the tutorial to see how it works, but the link is broken :frowning:

Adding Lucas Chess to the Snap Store is a fantastic idea! I’ve been an avid chess enthusiast for years, and Lucas Chess is one of those programs that really enhances the experience with its features and challenges. It’s been my go-to for honing my strategies and enjoying some intense games, especially when I have some downtime. Besides chess, I also enjoy unwinding with spider solitaire online—it’s a simple yet engaging way to relax. If you’re keen on seeing Lucas Chess in the Snap Store, maybe starting a petition or rallying support on social media could help push it forward.