Looking for maintainer for QXmlEdit snap before the end of March 2021

I am looking for a maintainer to take over the QXmlEdit snap project frederickjh/qxmledit that is making the snap of QXmlEdit.

I plan to literally move halfway around the world this year. In this new location my connection to the internet may not be the best. I will not have time to dedicate to this project. Instead of letting it fall into disrepair or get security holes I am looking for a maintainer to take over the project before I close it down.

Currently, I mostly just do the the builds for security updates in packages included in this snap. After the initial coding of the snap we have had two issues. On both the maintainer of the QXmlEdit project (@lbellonda on GitHub) helped find solutions.

We are now approaching 1900 users of the snap of QXmlEdit and approaching three years of being in the SnapStore.

If a new maintainer does not step up by the end of March 2021 I will remove the QXmlEdit snap from the snap store and archive the project on GitHub.

Anyone interested in taking over maintaining the snap should respond to the open issue regarding this on the Github project for the QXmlEdit snap.

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