Latest Mumble (1.3.3) in snap: microphone (input) does not work


Apparently there is a problem with the latest (1.3.3) version of Mumble. There is no input at all (the input bar is not blinking), I can’t speak! Problem only in Mumble, and many of our colleagues (from many locations, all with Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04) experience this problem.

It seems like there is a problem between pulseaudio and snap, but not with other snaps. I test Jitsi meet in Chromium snap and I don’t have any problem. So probably due to the latest update 1.3.3.

Sorry about this. If you snap connect mumble:audio-record - does that fix it? I think we need to get the audio-record interface auto-connected.

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Thanks for the instant reply! Unfortunately it does not work for me.

Actually it work. I had to go to pulseaudio control and change back and forth the device and it works after that command. Thank you.

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Sorry I didn’t find this thread before I made my own. I reported the same issue here with someone offering some guidance as a work around:

I have not yet tested the recommendation.

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The fix I referenced did in fact solve the problem:

sudo snap connect mumble:audio-record :audio-record


Problem solved.