Kafka new tracks request


I would like to request the following new tracks for the Kafka snap:

  • 20.04
  • 21.10

These tracks will be used to build the new kafka Ubuntu OCI images.

Hi there,

If Kafka part of, or related to, the observability stack snaps such as Grafana, Prometheus and Loki?

Are the 20.04 and 21.10 tracks meant to indicate the version of Kafka itself or the version of Ubuntu on which the snap is meant to be installed?

  • Daniel

Hi @roadmr,

The tracks indicate the version of the Ubuntu series in which they will be installed.

This is in the same lines as [1,2,3]. There is a nice discussion on the reasoning for these track names in [3].

Note that, after [4], we did have an offline discussion on the future of these tracks, as mentioned by @sergiodj in [4], and we will push to stop requesting these in the future. However, we will still most likely file a new request for 22.04 tracks for all these snaps in the near future so we can follow the same standard for the 22.04 OCIs until a new solution is in place.

[1] Request for new tracks for loki snap [2] Cassandra 21.10 track request [3] New tracks for prometheus and prometheus-alertmanager snaps [4] Request for new tracks for loki snap

+1 from me, the tracks are now created.

  • Daniel