Request for new tracks for loki snap


I would like to request new tracks for the newly created loki snap. For now, these are the new tracks I would like:

  • 20.04
  • 21.10

I understand that these names are not usual for tracks, but they are part of our (= Canonical Server team) release strategy for the snaps we maintain. For more reference and a (lengthy) discussion regarding this nomenclature, please see this link.

Thank you in advance.

+1 as reviewer and I took the liberty of creating the tracks for alignment with the rest of the observability stack.

Please heed my comments on the thread you linked to, regarding confusion and alignment with Ubuntu releases; we’re already seeing some divergence and misalignment, for example prometheus has a 21.04 track but loki doesn’t have an equivalent, which will confuse people who want that version of prometheus but can’t find matching pieces for it (or if it’s OK to mix prometheus 21.04 with loki 21.10, it furthers my comment on the other thread that artificial interlock of these snaps to ubuntu-like versioning is not necessary and confusing).

Anyway, your tracks are ready for use.

  • Daniel
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Thank you very much, @roadmr. And yeah, we will certainly take your comments into consideration again when we discuss about the bigger picture for these snaps (and their related OCI images) in the future.