JS error in snap installs graph

I get this error when I visualize the statistics for my published Snap installation

Uncaught TypeError: e.values[c] is undefined
    u tooltips.js:126
    n tooltips.js:133
    a on.js:3
    d raven.min.js:2
    b raven.min.js:2
    ve on.js:42
    each each.js:5
    on on.js:65
    enableTooltip tooltips.js:185
    i metrics.js:178
    Ol metrics.js:206
    i metrics.js:199
    Ol metrics.js:210
    <anonymous> snaps:788
    d raven.min.js:2
    context raven.min.js:2
    <anonymous> snaps:782
    EventListener.handleEvent* snaps:781
21 tooltips.js:126:29

The error is triggered when you move the mouse over the diagram to display the installation counters image

It seems that the problem has been fixed. Perhaps some updates were made in the Snapcraft forum. Now the correct behavior is restored. However, there remains a strange dent in the curve.

Its nothing unusual, see: Snapcraft metrics have vanished as of 2023-11-25 - #3 by DWD

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Good to know! Thank you @SamAlex

I have had this problem before, but this time the JS on the stats webpage also returned an error, so I thought an update to the site had happened and something had broken.